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Simone DeSousa
Owner, Re:View Contemporary Gallery

At a time when Detroit is desperate for jobs, is the city fertile ground for art? Surprisingly, yes, says Simone DeSousa. "I started the gallery in 2008, at the worst possible time economically, as a place to find conceptual art--chairs, lamps, tables, pieces of ceramic--as well as fine art,'' she said. "There's a lot of available real estate and openness and possibility in Detroit. I never could have done something like this in New York or Chicago.''

A native of Brazil, DeSousa came to Ann Arbor, MI, in the late 1990s to study architecture and to paint. While customers may be scarce, artists are rallying together. "The art community is connected and everyone helps one another out. Those who love art want to be part of what makes things better, as opposed to those who are waiting for things to get better.''

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