Table of contents: VOL. 35, NO. 10 - October 1, 2006
Strategies for managing your nest egg once you've created it...7 stocks for the long run...and 5 families making all the right moves. (more)

I found a new calling and help for my daughter's nut allergy when I launched my own cookie business (more)
After living with aluminum siding and small windows for nearly 20 years, this New York owner gave her house an impressive face-lift (more)
Home prices may be slowing, but property taxes are heading nowhere but up. Don't get mad - get relief. (more)
On the one hand, gas savings and a sweet tax deduction. On the other, a little thing called your career. (more)

The raiders taking over big companies today are good for stocks--especially ones in the sectors they're targeting (more)
With ultrasafe money funds now yielding 5%, who needs bond funds? Well, you do, for starters. (more)
He makes a good living on the water, but the Rademachers are in over their heads on dry land (more)
Despite fears that the economy may be slowing, earnings reports look bright (more)
make your money last
The best investments are the ones you can hold for decades. You'll lower your tax bill and your trading costs--and maximize your chances for great returns. (more)
The secrets: Keep your costs low and don't chase hot performers (more)
These towns have it all: topnotch health care, loads of culture, lots of green space--and everything else the most desirable places in America have. Except high taxes. (more)
When figuring out how much money you need for retirement, don't rely on a simple rule of thumb. Instead, ask what the life you want would really cost you--or better yet, save you. (more)
Here's a scary thought: Saving for retirement is the easy part. Making your money last 30 or 40 years after you stop working--now that's a neat trick to pull off. (more)
After their sons died, John and Nancy Wehrle found renewed purpose when they adopted three Russian orphans. But can these retired teachers really afford to raise a houseful of teens? (more)
A fast-growing field of research is starting to uncover why some retirement savers succeed and others fail (more)
What's your best move on long-term care? Nursing-home insurance is still far from being the obvious solution. (more)
Once you've constructed that golden nest egg, you're not quite ready to retire. You still have to turn it into an income that will support you in style for decades to come. (more)
You can help and stay on speaking terms with big bro (more)

At-home medical tests are the next big thing. But they can't do everything your doctor can. (more)
Recovering from a serious illness can give you a new perspective - and a new set of financial challenges (more)
You get a lot of financial advice when you're about to have a baby. Sometimes it pays to listen. (more)
The Fed has put rate increases on pause, but don't rush to lock in yields just yet (more)
These great works of fiction ring true when it comes to finance (more)

Forget raking. The newest leaf blowers are powerful, quiet (well, kind of) and worth the cash. We rate five of them. (more)
...costs more than it used to, diamonds and precious metals especially. But if you shop smart and know your alternatives, you can still get a gem of a deal. (more)


Steer Your Kids Clear of Rat Race U.Lloyd ThackerPortland, Ore. (more)
How to take some of the risk out of starting a business (more)

How the new pension bill can help you pack on the savings (more)

How to cope with the "senior sandwich"--paying for retirement, your parents' care and college--all at once (more)
the numbers
Funds Post Gains Across the Board (more)
Tech Stocks Lead a Rising Market (more)
When you are just starting out or finally starting to get serious about saving, the basics will get you far. Here are more than a dozen tips that will help you lay the base for building your net worth. |more|