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Startup deletes itself
How do startups die? There's the MySpace cease-and-desist letter, a reliable death knell. There's a crushing surfeit of competition. And now, there's the really stupid way to go: accidentally deleting yourself. TechCrunch looks into the boneheaded, utterly avoidable end of CouchSurfing. The two-and-a-half-year-old startup was revolutionizing the travel industry through the peer-to-peer provision of lodging -- er, that is, letting strangers meet online and make arrangements to sleep on each others' couches. On Friday, though, the website suffered a fatal hard drive crash and its operators found that they didn't have the needed backups. Founder Casey Fenton left a long, rambling message on the website explaining how "This crash is like a sign from the universe" that he should abandon the project. A lesson to entrepreneurs: If you're going to pour three years of your life into a project, invest in some decent backup software.
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