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Details emerge about Microsoft iPod killer
When gadget-rumor sites do battle, everybody wins. Engadget and Gizmodo are in a froth trying to land details about Microsoft's long-rumored iPod rival. Engadget has a close-up shot of the MP3 player, which it says is codenamed "Argo"; Gizmodo, meanwhile, says that the name "Argo" has already been scratched, and the player is now called "Zune."

The most intriguing scoop: Despite the unit's origins in Microsoft's Xbox group, the device's user interface doesn't show any game-playing options. That means that for now, it's just another MP3 player -- which hardly lives up to Microsoft chairman Bill Gates' vision of starting a game on your Xbox and picking it up again on a mobile device.
Posted by Owen Thomas 9:40 AM 1 Comments comment | Add a Comment

"Zune". Hmmmmm. Do you mean "Zen"? I think that belongs to Creative. Give it up Billy G., Mr. Jobs is the stud in this area of the game.
Posted By Louie, LA, CA : 12:25 AM  

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