The IBM PC turns 25 -- and no one cares
These days, we're all but married to our PCs. And if they were our spouses, on Saturday, we'd have to cough up something silver, since that day marks the PC's 25th anniversary. Unlike the PC's 20th anniversary five years ago, however, no one seems to be in a celebratory mood.

Intel and Microsoft, which hosted an event at the time to mark that occasion, are so totally over the PC. Intel is now supplying chips for Apple's Mac. Microsoft's new chief software architect, Ray Ozzie, has declared the beginning of the post-PC era. And IBM? IBM doesn't even make PCs anymore, having sold off the business to Lenovo last year.

PC World manages a limp tribute to the computer that gave the magazine its name, but that's about all you'll find. Now, a Google PC? That would be interesting.
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