MySpace claims top spot in web video
Lots of buzz this morning about MySpace edging out YouTube and Yahoo Video to seize the No. 1 spot for video traffic, according to July numbers from comScore Media Metrix (via Marketwatch). Somewhat lost in the debate over bragging rights are the stunning overall numbers: comScore says 7.2 billion videos were streamed in July by nearly 107 million people. By any measure, that's a groundswell - and one that remains largely under-monetized. Marketwatch's Bambi Francisco points out that despite web video's meteoric rise, it still only accounts only "for roughly 2% of online advertising." What gives?
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What gives is that web advertising is a measureable form of media and thus far web video advertising response rates are horrid.
Posted By Justin, Redwood City, CA : 4:50 PM  

Don't count out video advertising, when a ten second clip is inserted before a video, it is almost impossible to ignore. No time to get a sandwich, and if you try to go to another page, you may miss the story.

Internet video will be a very powerful advertising market in the near future. Both YouTube and myspace are worth every penny.
Posted By Rob, Seattle Wa : 5:16 AM  

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