New iPod Shuffle's clip draws rants, raves
Every time Apple comes out with a new iPod, complaints ensue: The case smudges. The screen scratches. Is there no pleasing you, people?

Apparently not. You'd think the new 2GB iPod Shuffle would be so minimal as to be damage-proof, but some Shuffle users have already found a problem, AppleInsider reports: If you drop your shuffle, the aluminum clip can get seriously dented. The Shuffle will still play music fine, but the bent clip can prevent you from fitting the MP3 player into its dock for charging and synching.

Until Apple takes the next logical step to prevent this kind of incident - merging the Shuffle into a set of headphones - there's always BuzzLogic cofounder Jeffrey Glover's solution to where to clip your Shuffle. Ouch.

Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Glover
Posted by Owen Thomas 9:44 AM 2 Comments comment | Add a Comment

FYI. The iPod Shuffle is 1GB not 2GB
Posted By John, Los Angeles CA : 1:57 PM  

I was able to fix my iPod Shuffle 2G* clip and bend it back. There's a bunch of photos on the iPod Shuffle 2G bent clip and how to fix it at

(*2G is 2nd Generation)
Posted By Fortman, Lawrenceville NJ : 9:36 AM  

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