AdWeek puts the Web in its place
Another word about our old friend, the television: Here's a very cool new chart from AdWeek. The world's biggest spenders on advertising -- Procter & Gamble, GM, AT&T, etc. -- spent $7.2 billion on television ads in 2006. Versus $664 million on the web. The biggest TV spender, P&G, sees fit to shell out just 2% of its $2.4 billion total budget for "New Media" ads.

Maybe these slow-moving megacaps are a lagging indicator of where media is trending, but if you're inclined to read dollars as a truer than words (and they all do have great things to say about New Media), TV is still king by a longshot.
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This should be called the list of "who still doesn't get it." 96% of VW buyers start their purchase process on the web according to AutoTrader. Yet GM, Ford and Daimler Chrysler don't get it, spending on PUSH marketing rather than understanding that Internet users use the web to make a more informed decision. Yes, even Tide could up its brand adoption among youth by becoming the online authority on clean and cleaning problem/solutions with some entertainment thrown in, like a gallery of dirty clothes, or submitted pics of the largest pile of unwashed laundry, etc. Get with it folks, or be prepared to lose market share to those who do.
Posted By Gregg Dearth, Greenwich, CT : 4:26 PM  

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