Wii's Got the Big Mo

Lest there was any question that the Nintendo Wii is the peoples' choice in the game console bake off this holiday season, we submit the following under the heading "You Know You Have a Hit When..."
  • ...when hip bloggers like Jason Kottke launch Celebrity Mii competitions. (See Ruth Bader Ginsburg at right.)
  • ...when hip online stores use Sony PS3 boxes to spell out "Wii Rox!" - and an image of the propaganda makes its way onto Gizmodo.
  • ...when so many people are using the nifty new motion-sensing remote controllers around the Christmas tree they notice those little white fairy lights can wreak havoc on the motion sensing electronics.
  • ...when small Norewegian software companies migrate their web-browser to the console, unsolicited.
And, well, you get the point. But maybe you can think of some more?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg courtesy of Kottke.org
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