When "The Office" isn't funny
I'm not saying every blog needs to be snarky like Gawker or deeply personal a la Dooce. But who doesn't love a fun blog? Alas, there's pretty much nothing fun about this new blog that's ostensibly about the television series "The Office."

The blogger, Julie Elgar, recaps each episode with Dwight Schrute-like seriousness, and then proceeds to explain all the human resources and litigation risks associated with the various Dunder Mifflin shenanigans. (What? Sexual harassment in the office is wrong?)

She puts a price tag on each episode, estimating how much the infractions might cost a company to defend in real life.

Elgar is no mere slacker TV fan. She's a lawyer specializing in employment litigation, and I learned of her blog because a public-relations firm sent me a pitch: "The blog is launching today and it would be great if you link to it, or mention it in a post." (Mission accomplished.)

The challenge for Elgar is one of tone. Her earnestness and use of legalese (like this lengthy disclaimer) is exactly the kind of thing "The Office" skewers each week. She's blogging about a sitcom, so a little humor would help.

For pointers, check out the surprisingly funny, NBC-authorized Schrute blog. (Note to NBC: Those character blogs need to be updated once in a while.)
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