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2007 GMC Acadia

General Motors' big crossover, a first for GMC, has a lot going for it.

2007 GMC Acadia
2007 GMC Acadia
The Acadia is very kind to its passengers. For starters, second-row passengers can get their own optional sunroof. It doesn't open to the air, as the front-row one does, but at least they can enjoy the passing clouds.

There's legroom aplenty back there, too. And the news is even better for third-row passengers. Where you usually expect knees-to-chin seating, you actually find reasonable space for real people. That's thanks, in part, to second-row seats that can slide forward four inches to give up some space for the people behind.

Climate and entertainment controls for second-row occupants are mounted the back of a front center armrest that slides backwards to put it in easy reach. That's a nice little touch.






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