2007 GMC Acadia

General Motors' big crossover, a first for GMC, has a lot going for it.

2007 GMC Acadia
2007 GMC Acadia
The design of the Acadia's is interior is smart and attractive. Controls are well placed, nice looking and easy to use.

My test vehicle was equipped with an optional "head-up" display that flashes information, such as your speed, in the windshield so that it appears to be floating just over the Acadia's grill. The head-up display also shows navigation directions, which is really useful since it keeps you from having to glance down at the LCD screen in the center control stack.

The Acadia and its close cousin the Saturn Outlook are intended to replace an outgoing set of minivans in GM's line-up. Crossover SUVs are a hot commodity right now and minivans aren't, so a crossover with plenty of room for up to eight occupants is a smart addition to the line-up. (Fuel economy for the crossovers is almost identical to the old minivans.)

Making the vehicles a pleasure to drive and highly functional is even smarter. The transmission could work more smoothly but, other than that, the Acadia is a real winner.






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