2007 GMC Acadia

General Motors' big crossover, a first for GMC, has a lot going for it.

2007 Saturn Outlook
2007 Saturn Outlook
Cost: $27,000 to $32,000
Seating: Eight
Fuel mileage: 20 mpg overall with AWD
Power: 3.6-liter V6, 270 horsepower, 6-speed transmission

The Outlook, Saturn's version of the Acadia, has just slightly lower horsepower because of its simpler single-tipped exhaust design. The Acadia has twin exhaust pipes.

The Outlook also has a somewhat shorter option list and a lower, more car-like look.

The Outlook's interior can be optioned to look more "luxury car" than the Acadia's "luxury truck" design.A luxury SUV based on the same vehicle platform, the Buick Enclave, is due out this summer.






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