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Remember these dumbest moments? Here are some of the highlights of stupidity in 2004.
Winner, Dumbest Moment, Media
Winner, Dumbest Moment, Media
What's the veracity, Kenneth?
Sept. 8
60 Minutes Wednesday airs a report citing memos from President Bush's Texas Air National Guard stint that suggest Bush received preferential treatment. Scholars of the vicissitudes of IBM Selectric typewriters take note of their ship coming in.

Sept. 10
"CBS News stands by, and I stand by, the thoroughness and accuracy of this report, period. Our story is true."
--CBS News anchor Dan Rather

Sept. 11
"We believe the documents to be genuine, we stand by our story, and we will continue to report on it."
--Posting on a CBS News Web site

Sept. 15
"We established to our satisfaction that the memos were accurate, or we would not have put them on television."
--CBS News president Andrew Heyward

Sept. 20
"The failure of CBS News to ... properly, fully scrutinize the documents and their source led us to airing the documents when we should not have done so. It was a mistake. CBS News deeply regrets it. Also, I want to say, personally and directly, I'm sorry."
-- Rather

Nov. 23
Rather announces he'll retire from CBS News in March.









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