10 picks for the iPhone-phobic

Tired of all the hoopla over the new Apple cell phone? Or just looking for something different? These worthy alternatives are already on the market, or coming soon.

Nokia N95
Nokia N95
Cost: $750

Here's another handset that will set you back more than a few bucks. Unlike the iPhone, the N95 is unlocked, meaning it comes unshackled by a two-year contract with a service provider and can be used on any GSM network (you'll need a SIM card, though).

The N95 also comes with a two-way sliding keyboard, a 2.6-inch screen, built-in GPS and a 5-megapixel camera (the iPhone's only got 2-megapixels).

The best part about the N95? No standing in line! Pretty much the only way to get it in the United States is online.

LG Prada

Nokia N95

Moto Razr2

Helio Ocean

Samsung t409

Sony Ericsson W580

Cisco iPhone

HTC Touch

Samsung Wafer

LG Muziq
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