10 picks for the iPhone-phobic

Tired of all the hoopla over the new Apple cell phone? Or just looking for something different? These worthy alternatives are already on the market, or coming soon.

Samsung Wafer
Samsung Wafer
Cost: $50 (with two-year contract)

It's not the Wafer itself that stand out. It's the iPhone-like technology behind it.

Alltel Wireless has developed a user interface, called Celltop, that, like the iPhone, gives users instant access to weather, news, stock prices, sports scores and other bits of information on the go. The Celltop widgets, as the mini-applications are known, look as user-friendly as the iPhone's. Unlike the Apple handset, the Wafer doesn't have a smudge-prone touchscreen. But you have to like the standard keypad.

LG Prada

Nokia N95

Moto Razr2

Helio Ocean

Samsung t409

Sony Ericsson W580

Cisco iPhone

HTC Touch

Samsung Wafer

LG Muziq
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