10 picks for the iPhone-phobic

Tired of all the hoopla over the new Apple cell phone? Or just looking for something different? These worthy alternatives are already on the market, or coming soon.

Moto Razr2
Moto Razr2
Cost: TBD

The pressure is on Motorola to show the world it's not just a one-hit wonder. Three years after its blockbuster RAZR phone hit the market, Motorola is finally rolling out with what it hopes (and needs) to be the next big hit: the RAZR2.

Though similar at first glance to the original, the RAZR2 has twice the screen resolution of the original, is thinner and has a stainless steel internal frame. Here's the best part: Unlike the iPhone, which is relying on AT&T's EDGE network, the RAZR2 works on three networks (3G HSDPA, EVDO CDMA and GSM) so it's likely you won't have to switch carriers in order to get one.

LG Prada

Nokia N95

Moto Razr2

Helio Ocean

Samsung t409

Sony Ericsson W580

Cisco iPhone

HTC Touch

Samsung Wafer

LG Muziq
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