10 picks for the iPhone-phobic

Tired of all the hoopla over the new Apple cell phone? Or just looking for something different? These worthy alternatives are already on the market, or coming soon.

Sony Ericsson W580
Sony Ericsson W580
Cost: TBD

Hoping to recapture some of its former Walkman glory, Sony Ericsson has been busy launching a slew of music phones, which have been a huge hit overseas. The company claims some 26.5 million have been sold.

Now comes the W580, a sleek slider phone with a 2.0 megapixel camera and 12MB memory capable of 20 hours of music playback (the iPhone's built-in memory tops out at 8GB but, W580 and most phones, but doesn't allow for a memory card)

The W580 has an added bonus: a built-in pedometer that counts steps and calories for the fitness-conscious.

LG Prada

Nokia N95

Moto Razr2

Helio Ocean

Samsung t409

Sony Ericsson W580

Cisco iPhone

HTC Touch

Samsung Wafer

LG Muziq
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