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15 companies that will change the world

These game-changing startups are likely to upend existing industries - and spawn new entrepreneurial opportunities.

Schuler wants Raydiance lasers to replace standard cutting tools in every industry, from lumberyards to aerospace factories.
CEO: Barry Schuler
Disruption: Lasers that cut without heating surrounding material
Disrupted: The entire laser industry -- medicine, aerospace, and beyond

Raydiance's ultrashort pulse laser is more accurate than the standard fare in the industry, and when properly tuned, it can blast away at anything from a hunk of steel to a single cancer cell. Though researchers have been using USP lasers since 1989, they've been unmanageably large and notoriously difficult to operate - but Raydiance has managed to shrink its product down to the size of a microwave.






Virgin Charter


Bloom Energy



A123 Systems

Renewable Energy Group

Desktop Factory


One laptop per child
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