Best for social entrepreneurs

Many entrepreneurs aim to give back to society while running a profit-making venture. These schools have found innovative ways to help students achieve that goal.

Cornell University
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY
Tuition: N.A.

Why we chose it: Social enterprise is a global phenomenon. And Cornell's Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise is there to train entrepreneurs who are interested in applying business solutions to social and environmental challenges in the United States and also in developing countries. The center emphasizes both the theory of social entrepreneurship, and its practical applications. Its faculty conducts research, working together with engineers to develop technology to aid socially responsible businesses. A visiting scholars program brings in experts on such topics as clean technology and disruptive innovation. One initiative places students with established social entrepreneurs who are working in developing countries worldwide. In spring 2007, students traveled to Costa Rica, where the country's green land is threatened by development for tourists. The students developed a business plan for a family trying to create an ecotourism facility while preserving their land.

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