5 dumbest renovation fads

A remodeling trend may look good on paper, but it may not make your home more livable - or more valuable. These five alternatives from Money Magazine will.

Lighting: The right way
Lighting is about much more than just providing illumination; it's about adding warmth, as seen in this photo.
Lighting: The right way
You don't need - and shouldn't want - all your lighting to come from the ceiling. Your room has three dimensions, so use the walls of your room as space for sconces while adding floor outlets so you can place lamps beside a loveseat or table.

Combine these elements with switches and dimmers and you can create different moods at the twist of a knob - not just corner-bar dim or operating-room bright.

The Payoff:

12 ceiling fixtures, installed: $1,800
Three sconces, two floor outlets, installed: $900
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