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5 dumbest renovation fads

A remodeling trend may look good on paper, but it may not make your home more livable - or more valuable. These five alternatives from Money Magazine will.

Garages: The right way
Garages: The right way
How to Do It Right The trick is in hiding or breaking up the mass of a three-car garage. You can do that by designing a more modest two-car garage with a hidden third bay (in the rear, perpendicular to the primary bays) or, as in the photo to the right, you can separate the third garage space from the other two.

Doubling as a garden shed, the new structure adds utility while giving the entryway a cozy "courtyard" feel. More important, the garage doesn't overwhelm the house.

The Payoff:

Traditional oversize three-car garage: approx. $40,000. Two structures to house three cars: approx. $70,000.

But consider resale time. Home buyers often make their decision within minutes of seeing a house. If that first impression is Monster Garage and not House Beautiful, it costs you.
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