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5 dumbest renovation fads

A remodeling trend may look good on paper, but it may not make your home more livable - or more valuable. These five alternatives from Money Magazine will.

Great rooms: The right way
Placing rooms next to (but not on top of) one another allows for a similar feeling of openness but lets parts of the house be closed off as needed.
Great rooms: The right way
How to Do It Right Instead of lumping public rooms into one vast open space, a better option is to properly arrange a group of normal size rooms (with normal-size ceilings).

With the cunning use of french and sliding doors, rooms can be closed off when needed - say, when one person is watching TV and another is doing the family's taxes - and opened up when you want a more spacious feel. In the end you wind up with as much square footage as in a great room but with a more intimate, livable feel.

The Payoff:

Typical great-room construction: $150 to $350 a square foot
Building a collection of normal rooms: $125 to $250 a square foot.
Bigger is better? No, bigger is more expensive.
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