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Inspire Americans to help themselves
Inspire Americans to help themselves
Quigg, with son, Brett, and wife, Missy
Jeffrey V. Quigg, 30, consultant, Maryland Heights, Mo.

I'm a conservative and voted for Bush in 2000 and 2004. I understood from the beginning how many of Obama's proposed policies would likely increase costs and taxes for me and my family, but I was so moved by Obama's story and his ability to inspire people that I volunteered for Obama's campaign anyway.

The Democratic party's beliefs contradict my own in very personal ways, but I happily supported Barack and did my best to share my support with others. This country needs a leader who can motivate people to take care of themselves, take care of their neighbors and to accept accountability. Barack is that leader.

If the American people put forth a fraction of the effort invested into both campaigns over the last two years, change will come to this country, change for the better. And if voter turnout was any indication of America's interest, it's easy to see we're headed in the right direction.

Barack Obama was the right decision for our country and I was proud to vote for him, proud to watch him accept victory, and proud to know I can share the experience with my grandkids someday.

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