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Rein in predatory lenders
Rein in predatory lenders
Bliss (far right) with (from left to right) son Caleb, 15; daughter Ashley, 18; son Elisha, 13; wife, Gail, 48 and son Josiah, 11
Walter Bliss, 49, research and development scientist, Niles, Mich.

I think Obama will have a very negative effect on our economy. The U.S. already has the highest corporate taxes in the world and the wages are higher as well. This is a strong incentive for jobs to leave the U.S. Increasing corporate taxes will create a big sucking sound of jobs leaving [this country]. The economy will be very negatively impacted.

The social programs Obama is now going to want to put in place [will] cost a large amount of money. Our country already has a huge deficit. Taxes will have to increase for everyone eventually in this case.

There are a few things Obama will do that I would like to see happen. Predatory lenders need to be reined in. Credit-card companies need some supervision -- their 35% interest rates levied against people who are already against the 8 ball are a crime. Health-insurance companies need to be reined in. In my case, they simply refuse to pay even though they are supposed to pay. How can I make them pay? I can't afford a lawyer and fight them. Nobody is watching out for the little guy here.

I think Obama will help us in this case. However, I think that on the whole it will hurt us more than help.

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