And the winners are...
America's best jobs offer great pay, work that's satisfying, and big growth opportunities. Here are the 100 with the best prospects in the years ahead. More
  1. Software Architect
  2. Physician Assistant
  3. Management Consultant
  4. Physical Therapist
  5. Environmental Engineer
  1. Civil Engineer
  2. Database Administrator
  3. Sales Director
  4. Certified Public Accountant
  5. Biomedical Engineer

'I have the best job in America!'
Meet 10 people lucky enough to have the top careers on Money's list, like physician assistant Beth Grivett, and see why they love their jobs. More

Do you love your job?
  • Yes, it's interesting and pays well.
  • Not really, but I'm glad I've got a job.
  • No, I'd switch careers in a second.
  • I wish I did. I'm unemployed.

MONEY and compensation experts used Bureau of Labor Statistics growth forecasts for 7,000 jobs, and identified industries with the biggest increases in jobs requiring bachelorís degrees. Ranked them by 2008-18 growth and pay. More

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