Attack of the zombies
Only a few weeks since 21-year-old hacker Jeanson Ancheta was sentenced to 57 months in prison for hijacking 400,000 computers and renting them out to spammers, another so-called botnet scam has been uncovered. According to Help Net Security, PandaLabs has busted a bot called Clickbot.A that managed to turn 34,000 computers into spamming "zombies."

The real problem here, says PandaLabs Luis Corrons to Help Net, is that hacking now has a financial incentive: "Renting and selling of botnets has become a genuine business model for cyber-crooks," said Corrons. "Threat creators are no longer searching for notoriety, but for financial returns." It remains to be seen whether the prospect of hard time will deter the lure of big money.
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