Google's Picasa is no Flickr-killer
Google has released -- in beta-test, of course -- Picasa Web Albums. Google's photo-editing software, which was previously limited to organizing photos on your computer's hard drive, now has a Web-based version for storing and sharing photos online, much like Yahoo's Flickr. "Is it a Flickr killer?" asks blogger Radioactive Yak. "Not yet."

Picasa Web Albums, bloggers say, lacks features like tagging and tailored search capabilities, but it does show promise. If anything, it's a refreshing change to see Google as the underdog in Web-based software.
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I've used Yahoo to upload pics for 2 years. It does not compare to Picasa for ease of use in editing and uploading to the internet. Pics are more easy to view also. It will meet the needs of many amatuer photographers that don't want the project to be tedious.
Posted By Jane, Germantown, TN : 11:23 PM  

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