Music file-sharing on the rise
Bloggers are openly scoffing at music-industry executives' claims that online file-sharing has been "contained." Actually, the say, file-sharing activity is on the rise -- it's just taking place through technology that the labels can't track. Gizmodo compares Recording Industry Association of America CEO Mitch Bainwol's declaration of victory over file-sharing to "Elliot Ness cracking open a few barrels of Canadian whiskey and announcing that bootlegging has been stopped." Digital Music News points out that traffic to file-sharing tracker website The Pirate Bay has surged, not plummeted, after a raid on the site by Swedish police. And by the numbers, Bainwol's claim that file-sharing activity is "flat" is just plain wrong: Nearly 10 million people are now sharing files, according to research firm BigChampagne, up nearly 15 percent from 8.7 million people a year ago.
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