Will eBay ads save the Web?
eBay's move into online advertising might seem like a me-too move. But Techdirt argues that it could save the Internet. How? Here's the problem eBay could solve: Google's easy-to-use AdSense advertising program has created a massive incentive for the creation of fake websites, which profit from Google-brokered ads. The fake sites clutter up search results and drain online advertisers' budgets through fraudulent clicks. But eBay's ads -- which let other websites carry auction listings -- only pay websites a share of the commission when an advertised item sells, rather than a fee for every viewer who clicks on an ad. It's easy to fake a click, but faking a sale is another matter altogether.

By tying advertising to sales, not clicks, in other words, eBay could create a revenue stream for legitimate websites and shut out spammers. Will the program take off? The Conversion Rater blog says eBay's earlier success with its affiliate-marketing programs should help.
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