Duran Duran to throw virtual concerts
What's the best way for an aging rock group to appeal to the digital-generation? Throw a virtual concert, of course. That's Duran Duran's comeback plan, BBC News reports. The popular '80s band is building a virtual presence at Second Life, an online world which has drawn 370,000 registered users so far. The BBC itself already put on a virtual concert featuring Pink, Sugababes, and other artists at Second Life in May.

Oldtime Duran Duran fans are having none of this '80s flashback, however. "You would think they made enough money off of album sales, especially since there wasn't Napster back then," writes the Biztechie Chronicles.
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Let's see an article about Duran Duran...this can be summed up in two words: Who cares?
Posted By Mark, Kansas City Missouri : 2:13 PM  

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