Rumors abound as Apple developer bash opens
With Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference just hours away, Mac fans and curious tech enthusiasts are gearing up to dissect Steve Jobs's every last word. Engadget and MacRumors are planning live, minute-by-minute coverage.

We'll know the truth soon enough about new iPods, an iTunes movie store, and other hoped-for products, but the Mac rumor mill is still spinning to separate fact from fiction. Think Secret offers a handy recap.

The site now believes that a new iPod Nano and the movie store will be announced in September, not at today's conference. Instead, today's show will focus on Mac hardware and software -- new, high-end Mac Pro desktops with Intel chips inside, and the latest "Leopard" version of Apple's Mac OS X. The Browser will update this post as more news becomes available.
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Will Apple now have the sense to advertise these new products or will word-of-mouth still be Apple's way. Speaking of which, the TV ads comparing a young Mac persons to the older PC person are just plain insulting to the business world. Compare Dell's informative ads with Apples cute, but information-less, ads!
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