Ex-Rocketboom star pops up at Popurls
Amanda Congdon, the former anchor of videoblog Rocketboom, has reappeared at Popurls, a website which automatically displays up-to-the-minute listings of the most popular news headlines, videos, photos, and podcasts on the Web. Congdon won't be back on video, though -- she's just posting her own list of favorite links. Robert Scoble broke the news, but declared it "lame" that Congdon was just posting links, not doing an Internet video broadcast.

It appears that Scoble, like many Rocketboom fans, is more than a bit obsessed with catching a glimpse of Congdon. Not only is he downcast that she won't broadcast, but he confesses that he signed up to get an alert whenever her name's mentioned anywhere in the blogosphere: "Oh, Amanda, you think I didn’t build an RSS feed for your name on Technorati?"

Now that's devotion. Or something. Well, buck up, Scoble: Congdon promises to post a proper video announcement about her new gig soon. You'll get to gaze into Congdon's disturbingly doe-like eyes again soon.
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