"The Office" meets Microsoft Office
If you're a fan of the original U.K. version of "The Office," here's a treat for you: A 2003 Microsoft U.K. training video, "The Office Values," has surfaced on the Web, with actor Ricky Gervais reprising his role as the world's worst boss, David Brent. The video is hilarious: Gervais, as Brent, issues cunning management bromides like "Trust no one" and "Keep your good ideas to yourself" -- this, of course, in an effort to reinforce Microsoft's core values of integrity and openness.

Upon watching it, one's first reaction is to think that Microsoft intentionally circulated this video to show that the software giant has a sense of humor about itself. But Microsoft and Gervais didn't approve the release, it turns out, and aren't that happy about the leak. Silicon.com reported that Microsoft's U.K. office, which commissioned the video for internal use, was "red-faced" over the incident. And Gervais for his part, was concerned that the videos' appearance now might lead fans to think he had revived the Brent character, which he has no plans to do, a spokeswoman for the comedian told ZDNet UK.

But what must be especially galling for Microsoft is that rather than popping up on MSN, the videos have surfaced on archrival Google's video website. Click below to watch "The Office Values."

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