Microsoft cuts iPod killer's price -- and features
There are extremely faint signs of intelligent life in Redmond, Wash. Last month, The Browser pointed out that a rumored $399 pricetag for its portable music player was way too expensive. Now Microsoft is telling retailers that the Zune will sell for $299, the same price as a comparable iPod model, according to technology news website

But in addition to cutting the price, Twice says, Microsoft is also cutting back on the Zune's Wi-Fi capabilities. Apparently, Zune users won't be able to buy songs on the go. Instead, they'll have to dock their players and buy songs at their PCs -- just like iPod users do with Apple's iTunes Music Store.

By slashing the price and cutting out key differentiating features, it sounds like Microsoft's just rolling out a me-too music player -- a strategy that sure isn't paying off for Apple rivals like Creative and iRiver. Our advice? If you're sick of iPods, try SanDisk's Lil' Monsta. It may not have Wi-Fi, but it's cheaper, more expandable, and works with a variety of online music stores.
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Not surprised. Microsoft is going to lose big on this. In a year or so people will barely even remember Zune.
Posted By Clinton, Montreal, Quebec : 1:49 PM  

Won't buy Microsoft sorry, had my fill of bugs, poor quality, installing drivers, fixes etc. Ipod works great, is easy and has a great store in ITUNES.
Posted By PAT, DALLAS,TX : 2:32 PM  

Why would anyone pony up $300 for an 'Ipod Killer' that doesn't promise any advantages over it's nemesis? With the Ipod already humming away in the pockets of the majority of MP3 player owners I think Microsoft should be concerned with preserving the features -such as WIFI capability- that help the Zune to stand out amidst the sea of other MP3 players that the Ipod has effectively slained.
Posted By Sean Brindley, Fairfield CA : 10:40 PM  

So does the Creative Zen V. Great player and under $120.00 This player even syncs with your outlook features. The sound quality is great and for half the price of an Apple product.
Posted By Chris Friedberg, Nashville TN : 8:30 PM  

I use the iPod for entertainment when exercising (mostly walk), playing music thru my home stereo, my car stereo, as a portable hard drive, watch videos when bus or train commuting and on my TV (any of these on the computer too, either my ThinkPad or Mac Mini). Next up is podcasting. Got ideas from

I'm afraid MS will make something that only works (well) with MS (XP), no thanks.

I also have a Siemens SX66 PDA/phone with MS PocketPC, needless to say it crashes 3-5 times a day. I have enough MS (problems) in my life. No thanks on a MS iPod ripoff.
Posted By Dennis, NYC, NY : 5:32 PM  

even microsoft gives me zune free to me i do not want it. have a good day.
Posted By davy madison tn : 1:07 PM  

The zune will rule the scene very soon. They will crush the Apple once and for all. You can see more at
Posted By Zune MAX, Orlando Florida : 1:05 AM  

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