"Hit hos," meet the blog pimps
Will bloggers ever catch a break? First they're accused of being "hit hos," more concerned with pageviews than with quality. Now Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has weighed in with the charge of "blog pimping":

In the Blogosphere, self promotion is out of control. Self Diggin', Slashdotting and Deliciousizing are pretty much par for the course, but more prevalent is the new habit of writing about whatever the top story is on the aggregation sites. If it's at the top of Techmeme, there are a core of bloggers that you know are going to write about the top ranking story. Why? Because then your blog gets listed under the top of mind, top of page topic. Which leads to more traffic. Thats BlogPimpin'.

We're shocked, shocked that Mark Cuban, founder of Broadcast.com, would make such an accusation. Here at The Browser, we'd never do that. Cuban goes on to write:

There are people who no matter what I write about technology, will write about it. There are others that no matter what I write about stocks or the market, will comment on it. The same with movies, copyright and sports. Why? Because when people search on my name, or for my blog, on sites like Icerocket.com and technorati, their blogs will show up.

Just one word for you, Cuban: Bal. Der. Dash.
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