Microsoft outmaps Google
Is Microsoft (MSFT) a leader or a follower on the innovation front? The blogosphere has picked up the age-old debate once again, focusing on the Zune digital music player and the XBox 360 videogame console. Personally, The Browser is getting a little tired of all the retread. Who cares if Microsoft is a shameless copycat? It's the results that matter, both for consumers and for shareholders. And when it comes to mobile phones and the Internet, which Google's chief mobile strategist calls the ''obvious" future, Microsoft's new Windows Live Search for Mobile seems to be crushing the competition.
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I'm not sure how you can say that Microsoft's new Windows Live Search is crushing the competition. It doesn't support whole networks of phones (T-mobile) and doesn't support a whole host of j2me devices (it says it's not supported and it indeed doesn't work). That's crushing the competition?
Posted By James H, Annapolis, MD : 8:54 AM  

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