Searching for answers in Russia
Google has plenty to learn from eBay's experience in China, but also, says the International Herald Tribune, has its own troubles in Sergey Brin's homeland, Russia.
... Google opened its first sales office there only a year ago, giving rivals a head start. But the company's development has also been slowed by cultural and linguistic issues, company executives acknowledge. Analysts say Google's experience in Russia shows that even this most polyglot of companies can sometimes get itself lost in translation, leaving room for local rivals to fill the gaps. ...

While Google is the most popular Web site, and by far the most popular search service, in many Western European countries, it barely breaks into the top 10 in Russia. According to ComScore Networks, which tracks Internet traffic, 28 percent of Russian Internet surfers using home or office computers visited Google sites in October, making Google the eighth-biggest Internet brand.
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