For its next trick, Google pinpoints Powerpoint
File this under rumor: the Google Operating System blog yesterday posted evidence of what looks a lot like a Google (GOOG) answer to Microsoft's (MSFT) Powerpoint. Recall that Google purchased the maker of an online word processor called Writely last year, and has since relaunched the tool and re-branded it Google Docs and Spreadsheets (along the way it added the spreadsheet capability.)

It seems a few people snooping around Google Docs' header files have discovered repeated references to something called "Presently." Get it? Other embedded references include telltale hints like: "Convert document to presentation."

The clues are substantial enough to cause a stir. Michael Arrington was quick to pick up the thread, but found that even as he was typing, the evidence was being cleaned up: "During the time it took us to write this post," he writes, "the document was edited and all references to "presently" were removed." Think an enthusiastic programmer might have made a mistake at Google? Let chaos reign!

Paul Kedrosky, meanwhile, makes the important point that Google's Office-killer apps are already good enough for him. "While critics will be quick to point out that none of these apps are the feature equivalent (or even the 20% equivalent) of the Microsoft counterpart, I frankly don't care. For my entirely self-serving purposes when I have to do a quick doc, run a spreadsheet, more often than not I use the available Google tool."
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Use of the Google Office alternative apps demonstrates the level of morinic drivel produced by these "authors."
Posted By Jerry, Fairfax, VA : 12:56 PM  

I don't think I will ever be willing to use an online word processor as a "normal" routine. Too many opportunities for abuse of privacy, and for network failures. You only have someone else's word for it that your typing is private. And as for network reliability, google itself is reliable, but how often does your internet connection jam up?
Posted By Bob, Portland, Oregon : 2:12 PM  

maybe this is old news but via dumb trial and error on discovered that google's spreadsheet will unlock password protected excel sheets. no biggie i guess but for dumb accountant like me it saves some time.
Posted By joe, dallas, tx : 6:51 PM  

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