Hey, JetBlue still uses YouTube
Take a look. That's JetBlue founder and CEO David Neeleman apologizing to customers via YouTube after a very, very bad week for the airline: 1,100 flights canceled due to last week's snow storm and thousands more irate passengers. Neeleman's unpolished, earnest delivery makes this one mea culpa the Browser would consider accepting. But then again, we weren't stuck on a tarmac for eight hours.
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Its nice to know that companies are starting to use youtube now that the consumers who used it are leaving to opt for other similar websites. Just the other day i searched to view clips of my favorite show...i was disappointed when i saw that they were only previews from the tv channel that hosts the show, in order to protect the entire video from being shown online. That really sucks for youtube, considering the main audience was teens and the youth. Now that big old businesses are trying to capture that business, the audience is just drifting to other websites.
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