Hagerty Insurance, a company that insures collectible automobiles, polled its customers to see which of today's cars collectors would want in the future.
Jaguar XK
Jaguar XK
Photographs really don't do justice to the XK. In person, it's one of the loveliest automobiles around. (And don't get hung up on that grill. Yes, it looks like a Taurus, but Jaguars were sporting oval grilles long before anyone had dreamed of the Ford Taurus.)

The new XK's hard-edged muscular shape retains Jaguar's traditional cat-like sleekness, but it loses the rounded softness of the previous version.

In many ways, the XK can be seen as a less expensive Aston-Martin. For the time being, at least, the two are corporate siblings. (Ford Motor Co. has said it plans to sell Aston-Martin.) There's clearly a resemblance to the eye, but the XK also offers similarly laid-back, unruffled British-style performance.

FJ Cruiser

Mini Cooper

Lotus Elise

Dodge Viper

Acura NSX

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Jaguar XK

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