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Calle Soccer
Top row, from left: Travis Winn, Tyler Winn, Morgan Gilliam, Steve Magleby; bottom row, from left: Klane Harding, Joseph Allen, Josh Robbins
Honorable mention
Calle Soccer
School: Brigham Young University
City/State: Provo, Utah
The team: Joseph Allen, 27; Morgan Gilliam, 24; Klane Harding, 23; Steve Magleby, 23; Josh Robbins, 26, Travis Winn, 27 and Tyler Winn, 24
Concept: When traveling overseas to Brazil and Spain, the amateur soccer players on this team noticed that the street games so popular overseas had not caught on in the U.S. in the same way. To help build - and tap into - what they see as a potentially huge market in North America, they developed Calle Soccer (, a line of stylish apparel and equipment targeting urban players. The company's star product: a patented soccer ball designed with less bounce and more protection from asphalt and concrete than versions meant for traditional fields. The team admittedly has some challenges ahead in raising the sport's profile here. "It is super uncool to wear a pair of soccer shorts to school," says one of the company's founders, Josh Robbins. Will the right gear change that? We'll update you on how the team fares in the marketplace next year.

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