Toy Fair preview: Eager to recapture kids' attention after the iPod onslaught, toymakers are putting a 'digital' twist on classic toys.
After T.M.X. Elmo, here come his friends
After T.M.X. Elmo, here come his friends
T.M.X. Elmo is about to get some company. Fisher-Price this fall will introduce "extreme" versions of Elmo's Sesame Street friends, Cookie Monster and Ernie.

Both Cookie Monster and Ernie are about three inches smaller than T.M.X. Elmo and cheaper. T.M.X. sold for about $40 at stores. The new 11-inch dolls are expected to hit stores in October and retail for $29.99.

Each new doll has its own unique actions. T.M.X. Elmo required three tickles to set him off on a bout of hysterical laughter. Cookie Monster and Ernie get going with two tickles.Cookie Monster giggles and laughs and rolls from side to side before he gets back up. Ernie giggles and laughs as he kicks his legs in laughter, spins in a complete circle and then gets back up.

Each toy also says humorous phrases.If that's not enough, get ready for a new Pizza Elmo. According to Byrne, it's an Elmo doll holding a pizza, and the pizza talks and sings along with Elmo. (Full story)

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