Toy Fair preview: Eager to recapture kids' attention after the iPod onslaught, toymakers are putting a 'digital' twist on classic toys.
Net Jet
Net Jet
This is a tween-focused gaming console from Hasbro's Tiger Electronics division. The unique feature about Net Jet is that the console connects easily into a computer and kids don't need a keyboard to play Net Jet games.

Once it's connected, you insert a game key into the system and kids are directed to the Net Jet gaming Web site. When the system is activated, it locks the computer on the site so that parents don't have to worry about their kids surfing the Web and accessing inappropriate content.

The Net Jet controller is priced at $24.99, suggested retail price. There are 10 game keys, each priced at $14.99. The system launches in New York in February and nationwide in the fall.

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Net Jet

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