Homes from the fastest- and slowest-growing markets

Here are 12 median-priced homes in markets around the nation. Some of these markets are still gaining ground but in others, prices are headed down.

Las Vegas, Nevada
12-month forecast: 8.9% loss
Las Vegas, Nevada
Median price: $325,000
This home's price: $314,000
Bedrooms: 3
Baths: 2
Square footage: 1,494

Details: Unlike the usual cookie-cutter tract house, this house has a more traditional, settled look to it. It's in a gated community south of the Strip that has easy commuting access to casinos, downtown and the airport, one reason why it may retain its value better than most Vegas-area homes.

"There is a little bit of inventory in the neighborhood," says listing agent Rob Jenson, "and prices will probably go down."

But great amenities - spa, pool, golf - and some builder upgrades should help prop up the value of this one-time model home for the development.

Brokerage: Re/Max - The Jenson Group

Tulsa, Oklahoma





Edinburg, Texas



North Miami

Oro Valley, Arizona

Las Vegas, Nevada

Los Angeles
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