Homes from the fastest- and slowest-growing markets

Here are 12 median-priced homes in markets around the nation. Some of these markets are still gaining ground but in others, prices are headed down.

North Miami, Florida
12-month forecast: 8.8% loss
North Miami, Florida
Median home price: $335,000
This home's price: $335,000
Beds: 3
Baths: 2
Square feet: 1,525

Details: Agent Jason Smith reports that there was a great deal of home buying for investment purposes in this North Miami neighborhood over the past few years. And many of the homes are being rented out.

But with prices sliding and expenses mounting, many investors may try to sell, which could flood the market ith inventory. Smith does not expect to see price gains this year.

This particular property may buck the trend a bit because it is located in a very convenient neighborhood for commuting purposes. "Traffic drives prices in this area," Smith says. Also, like many of its neighbors, this house sits on a very large lot, which could help it retain its value.

Broker: Coldwell Banker - Florida Moves

Tulsa, Oklahoma





Edinburg, Texas



North Miami

Oro Valley, Arizona

Las Vegas, Nevada

Los Angeles
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