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Week at a glance: All stories

11:20pm: Conservative media entrepreneur Matt drudge gave a rare interview Tuesday More
7:52pm: High-tech TV's in California can still spy on you, but the state is outlawing companies from tailoring advertisements based on the TV's eavesdropping. More
7:11pm: Fox News says there is no need for a meeting with Donald Trump, despite his recent threat to boycott the network. More
4:56pm: Yum Brands, the fast food holding company behind KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, dove 16% during extended trading. More
4:18pm: DraftKings ads pulled from ESPN after allegations of insider betting. More
4:09pm: Most people have heard of fantasy sports, and millions play it. But not everyone really understands exactly what it is. Here's the breakdown. More
3:45pm: The city council of the District of Columbia is weighing a new proposal that would mandate up to 16 weeks of paid family leave for family bonding or a serious personal or family medical issue. More
3:37pm: U.S. oil production declined last month to the lowest level in a year due to depressed prices, according to the Energy Information Administration. More
3:31pm: A renewed deal between Hulu and Viacom on Tuesday will bring some of Viacom's most popular children's shows to the streaming service. More
2:34pm: Pepsi reported a $1.4 billion loss in its business in Venezuela during the company's third quarter. Its profits were down 73% from the same time a year ago. More
1:46pm: Chris Hayes has been cited as a likely target for cuts by MSNBC as it revamps, but so far he has survived and even won an Emmy. More
1:15pm: Reddit launched a new site called Upvoted on Tuesday to focus on the "back story" of its users. More
1:12pm: Jay Leno, the former "Tonight Show" host explained why he didn't appear with David Letterman during the host's final run in May. More
12:58pm: A week after membership rejected tentative deal, UAW notifies Fiat Chrysler that it is ready to have 40,000 members go on strike. More
12:46pm: Europe's top court has delivered a bombshell ruling that will force thousands of U.S. companies to change the way they handle personal data. More
12:45pm: Ben Bernanke's memoir, The Courage to Act, published Monday and there's a few things you might not know about one of the world's (former) most powerful people in the world. More
12:44pm: Staffers vote 32-5 to join the NewsGuild of New York. More
12:28pm: For years, Microsoft has said that its Surface tablets would replace traditional laptops, but Tuesday it announced its first ever laptop: the Surface Book. More
12:19pm: A supervisor at a fiberglass factory won the state's Powerball jackpot of $310.5 million. More
11:41am: The Federal Aviation Administration set to fine drone operator $1.9 million for illegal flights in major U.S. cities. More
11:33am: Volkswagen says it can't quantify the financial damage of its diesel emissions scandal yet and is warning staff of very tough times ahead. More
11:19am: Much has been made of Donald Trump's recent boycotts of Fox News, but another Republican presidential contender has been quietly shunning CNN. More
11:17am: The men behind the new Steve Jobs film -- writer Aaron Sorkin and director Danny Boyle -- spoke about the soon-to-be released biopic. More
10:47am: Bill Gross thinks the very existence of capitalism is threatened by the Federal Reserve's zero-rate policies. More
10:02am: Fans are putting up money and hoping to win big prizes based on the outcome of sporting events. Why isn't this an illegal form of sports gambling? More
10:00am: The IMF expects the global economy will grow by just 3.1% this year, less than previously thought and the weakest rate of expansion since 2009. More
9:11am: A new Twitter feature called Moments lets users follow editor-curated events from start to finish. More
8:54am: French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has described the attack on two Air France executives as criminal, and said it hurt the country's image around the world. More
8:11am: BP has agreed to pay more than $20 billion to settle the final major legal claims arising from the Deepwater Horizon disaster in 2010. More
8:05am: Silk Road: U.S. Marshalls to auction $10.6 million of bitcoins confiscated from Dread Pirate Roberts. More
7:37am: Investors are getting increasingly nervous that talk of a massive 'Bud-Miller' beer merger will come to nothing. More
5:03am: The European Court of Justice has ruled that Facebook and others can't simply hand over data to U.S. authorities, by declaring a crucial agreement between the U.S. and EU invalid. More
5:00am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
2:10am: Not excited about wasting hours to cancel your Comcast contract? Outsource it for $5! More
1:23am: Bermuda, the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands are three of the world's biggest tax havens, according to a report from Citizens for Tax Justice and the U.S. Public Interest Research Group. More
1:07am: McDonald's is making big changes to try to boost stagnant sales. The boldest move yet starts Tuesday: all-day breakfast at more than 14,300 restaurants in the U.S. More