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Week at a glance: All stories

11:48pm: Will Dana, the managing editor of Rolling Stone, is leaving the magazine just months after the publication of a discredited story about rape. More
9:40pm: It's never been easier to learn how to hack, according to a new report from the Digital Citizens Alliance. More
8:46pm: Three frat members claim the Rolling Stone rape story defamed them. More
7:41pm: There are the 10 most-complained about business practices. More
7:36pm: Facebook continues to grow its user base at a steady 13%, and now has 1.5 billion monthly active users. More
7:25pm: Despite the demographics of the United States rapidly shifting from a white majority to a brown and black one, why is there so little diversity in the news media? More
5:44pm: Treasury Secretary Jack Lew warns lawmakers that they can't continue to ignore the need to raise the nation's borrowing limit forever. In fact, by his estimates, Congress should act on the matter by mid-fall. More
5:03pm: Walmart has warned its suppliers that a 12 ounce package of cereal or coffee or crackers better contain all 12 ounces. More
4:06pm: A study by research institute Data & Society claims Uber uses phantom cars to attract customers. More
3:36pm: Candidates are using Optimizely to personalize their websites and messages -- helping to maximize donations and volunteers. More
3:13pm: Walter Palmer's dental business is effectively frozen after he admitted killing Zimbabwe's protected lion Cecil. More
3:04pm: You can't blame it on the economy anymore. More Millennials now have jobs, but are still living at home. More
2:39pm: China's market meltdown isn't a financial crisis, it's a political one. More
2:31pm: How much does a lion safari cost? $49,000, air fare not included More
2:14pm: The Federal Reserve is preparing for a rate hike in September, according to its latest announcement. More
1:57pm: The house Jesse Pinkman owned in Breaking Bad is up for sale. More
1:22pm: Naugles, a popular Mexican restaurant, reopens after being closed for 20 years. More
1:11pm: Altria and Reynolds American are wowing Wall Street with solid sales and earnings. The companies may be out of favor socially and culturally. But they still have pricing power. More
1:01pm: Yahoo's new Livetext app is a combination of Periscope, Snapchat and texting. More
12:53pm: Yelp shares plummeted 27% as the platform grapples with a brand reputation issues and trouble retaining employees. More
12:32pm: The University of Phoenix, one of the largest for-profit colleges still standing, is the next one the government is going after. More
12:25pm: Instagram's ban on the Sandra Bland hashtag treads a fine line between protecting people from hate speech and blocking important social discourse. More
12:05pm: Intel and Micron have developed a new chip that combines memory and data storage in one structure. More
11:58am: A devil may care Jon Stewart went on "The Nightly Show" to explain his secret meetings with President Obama. More
11:42am: Toshiba's interim chief executive Masashi Muromachi will take a 90% pay cut for the next two months as a massive accounting scandal continues to rock the company. More
11:26am: Tom Brady claims that his text messages were destroyed when he broke his cell phone. But they might not be gone forever. More
11:13am: Buffalo Wild Wings CEO Sally Smith said a minimum wage of $15 an hour for fast food workers would probably mean her company and other restaurants would cut back on hiring inexperienced teens. More
10:57am: Don't try to guess when stocks will crash. Instead, create a mix of stocks and bonds that suits your tolerance for risk that allows you to participate in the gains when the market climbs but also affords a measure of protection when it falters. More
10:21am: Select Delta travelers may soon have the option to upgrade their commercial ticket to fly on a private jet that would otherwise be flying empty. More
10:00am: TrackingPoint's super expensive "guided-target" smart rifle can be hacked. More
9:42am: Disneyland Paris is in some serious trouble over potentially unfair pricing policies and ticket offers. More
9:34am: Style icon Jane Birkin wants her name taken off a crocodile-skin handbag made by Hermes because of the way the reptiles are killed. More
9:22am: Quitting without a plan can hurt your career, but here are some paths to quitting that worked for some. More
8:42am: Volkswagen is expecting vehicle sales to remain flat this year, due to weakness in markets such as China, Russia and Brazil. More
8:36am: On Friday, the Education Department and Justice Department will announce a pilot program giving some prisoners access to federal Pell grants. More
8:24am: Google Maps unveils a "popular times" feature to show a business' busiest hours so people can schedule around it. More
6:21am: Before the financial crisis, over 100 banks would typically open a year in the U.S. More
6:08am: Terry Myerson is Microsoft's Mr. Humble, even as he oversees Microsoft's most ambitious Windows launch in years. More
5:15am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
1:07am: Jon Stewart has asked a lot of questions over his 16 year run as "Daily Show" host, but on Tuesday the tables were turned. More