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Week at a glance: All stories

10:57pm: Toy makers in Hong Kong say they aim take advantage of China's relaxation of the one-child policy, which is forecast to bring billions of dollars in extra sales. More
6:37pm: The FBI has arrested two accused payday lending kingpins, including race car driver Scott Tucker, who allegedly sat atop a $2 billion empire. More
6:36pm: Smart earplugs from Hush pair with your phone and play soothing sounds to help you sleep. More
5:34pm: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg reacts to board member Marc Andreessen's 'ill-informed' tweets about India. More
5:24pm: Tesla CEO Elon Musk issued an earnings update and shareholder letter Wednesday that confirmed 2016 delivery guidance and promised profits ahead. More
4:49pm: Twitter's stock is sinking fast after the company reported that it lost customers in the fourth quarter of 2015. More
4:03pm: Fast-food workers plan to hold a "Fight for $15" protest outside the Democratic presidential debate in Wisconsin. More
3:55pm: The average price for domestic airfare dropped in the third quarter of 2015, and travel experts expect the trend to continue in 2016. More
3:47pm: The Fed Chair was criticized on a range of issues, from China and monetary policy to black unemployment and the strong dollar. . More
3:38pm: A California couple decided to send a kindergarten class to college for free, instead of buying a boat. More
2:56pm: Average U.S. household will save $320 on gas this year compared to last year, and nearly $1,000 compared to 2014. More
2:01pm: Whole Foods needs to prove to shoppers that its prices are reasonable. Its latest earnings report is a step in the right direction. Profits topped forecasts and same-store sales didn't fall as much as expected. More
12:26pm: China is a big buyer of gold on the world market, but where exactly all that gold is going isn't clear. More
12:07pm: The self-proclaimed king of burgers now has hot dogs on the menu for the first time in its 62-year history. More
12:01pm: Shares in several major media companies neared 52-week lows on Wednesday amid a new wave of concerns about the health of their core cable channel businesses. More
11:59am: Digital, instant and on-demand. That's how we get our movies, travel arrangements, and even bills. Why not our paychecks? More
11:57am: Federal safety regulators tell Google it's OK with concept of a self-driving car that cannot be controlled by a human driver. More
11:43am: The head of the International Monetary Fund has told Ukraine to get tough on corruption or face going bust. More
10:40am: Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant volunteered to give back $3 million in bonuses after an SEC investigation found the company had misstated earnings. More
10:40am: Tesla's 'Summon' parking feature got an update after Consumer Reports said it poses a safety issue. More
10:33am: Elon Musk has lost more than $3 billion of his net worth since the start of 2016 as the prices of Tesla and SolarCity have plunged. More
10:29am: Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen has apologized for a series of ill-advised tweets on India, colonialism and Facebook's failed effort to expand Internet access in the former British colony. More
10:26am: Austen Heinz committed suicide less than a year ago. His sister hopes it will spark some serious discussions about why entrepreneurs are more prone to mental health issues. More
10:21am: A day after his victory in New Hampshire, Donald Trump thanked his "supporters" -- on MSNBC. More
10:08am: Instead of asking how long your savings will last, ask how long you should plan for your nest egg to last so it can support you throughout retirement. More
9:22am: Fox, which invested $160 million in DraftKings last summer, now has reduced the value of that holding on its books by 60%. More
9:15am: Fed Chair Janet Yellen's testimony highlighted concerns about the most recent volatility in global markets as well as the economy's gains. More
9:06am: Many things can hurt the value of your property, especially a murder, or living close to a cemetery or funeral home. More
8:37am: Amazon's new terms of service for Lumberyard won't apply if zombies attack. More
8:26am: Bulletproof vest companies can sell to civilians with few restrictions. More
7:23am: A Chinese consortium of internet gaming and advertising firms has offered to buy the Opera browser for $1.2 billion. More
6:56am: Twitter's earnings report Wednesday is expected to show that the company continues to lose money while growth stagnates. More
5:19am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
5:04am: Daimler and Volkswagen have announced recalls for about 1.5 million cars and vans in the U.S. to replace Takata airbags. More
3:57am: Worries about the global economy and crashing oil prices are causing investors to question the health of big banks -- especially ones in Europe. More