Week at a glance: All stories

7:35pm: #AskSeaWorld campaign aims to set the record straight on the company's animal care, but is fueling critics on Twitter. More
6:41pm: Most funded Kickstarter project Pebble Time raised more than $20.3 million. More
6:34pm: Google is hitting back at the Wall Street Journal with GIFs. More
5:20pm: Now, it's official: Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers did not discriminate against a former female partner. But it took a strange turn of events to get to this outcome in a case that has riveted Silicon Valley for weeks. More
3:47pm: The Federal Reserve chair thinks the job market and overall economy are improving, but she's not popping champagne corks. More
3:46pm: There are only 10 known versions of this coin, which was made as part of a trial run for the penny in 1792. More
3:15pm: Some 13% of undocumented immigrants are managers or professionals, up from 10% in 2007. More
2:50pm: Lena Dunham steps into controversy again, this time for her recent New Yorker article in which she compares her Jewish boyfriend to a dog. More
2:32pm: Slack got hacked, exposing usernames, email, phone numbers and encrypted passwords. More
1:16pm: The German luxury automakers is planning a mid-sized truck for markets outside the U.S. More
1:16pm: Johnson & Johnson makes medical devices. Google makes smart software. They want to team up to give doctors smarter surgical tools. More
1:00pm: The yoga apparel company is making a push into menswear with casual pants designed with extra space in the crotch. More
12:50pm: The WWE is about to host its Super Bowl. The stock has surged this year, but is it really a good buy? More
12:34pm: Planes can already fly themselves -- the question is when fliers will be ready to climb in. More
10:57am: Lufthansa and its insurers have begun the grim task of working out how to compensate families of the victims of this week's Germanwings plane crash in France. More
10:53am: Goldman Sachs is urging clients to buy Apple and other U.S. stocks that are laser-focused on returning cash to shareholders. More
10:10am: The Motley Fool put me in charge of a portfolio. Keeping it focused on a few bets was key to my success. More
9:51am: Meet Luna, the tech-enabled mattress cover that just raised over $1.1 million on Indiegogo. More
9:22am: Doctors are hopeful that Apple's new health platforms will help people save time and money. More
8:42am: It's time to clean up your image and follow these rules. More
8:31am: Indiana Governor Mike Pence passed a law giving businesses the right to refuse service to gay, lesbian and transgender people on religious grounds. But many big businesses have come out against the law. More
8:17am: Airlines are changing their rules to require two crew members to be present in the cockpit at all times after the Germanwings crash. More
7:56am: BlackBerry will never return to the glory days when everyone was addicted to their CrackBerry. But the turnaround is on track. The company reported a profit despite another huge plunge in sales. More
7:48am: Ruth Porat, Google's new CFO, will receive a $70 million pay package for leaving her Morgan Stanley job. More
7:11am: China is ordering local governments to roll back tax breaks promised to foreign businesses. More
6:14am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
5:54am: Apple CEO Tim Cook is going to give away his entire multi-million dollar fortune to charitable causes. More