Week at a glance: All stories

6:03pm: Spanish-language television channel Univision says it is ending Sabado Gigante's 53-year run. More
5:13pm: On Friday, Megan Smith hosted the first White House Tech Meetup, which emphasized the power of tech to create change and expand opportunities for under-served communities. More
4:50pm: Employers in New York City can no longer use credit checks to screen potential hires. More
3:56pm: Millennials are flocking to the world-famous music festival in the desert. But the hottest ticket in town doesn't come cheap. More
3:51pm: Lucas will finance 100% of the project at Grady Ranch and wants Marin County teachers and police officers to be able to live there. More
3:41pm: Stock prices slumped for Comcast and Time Warner Cable following Bloomberg report. More
3:37pm: MasterCard launched its mobile payments app Qkr with its first US restaurant Thursday, but it's playing a long game. More
2:44pm: GoPro founder Nick Woodman was awarded a huge pay package of $285 million in 2014, making him the highest paid U.S. executive. More
2:07pm: Starbucks to set to bring S'Mores and Mocha Coconut Frappuccino flavors to stores at end of April. More
1:30pm: The home of some of the most iconic toys has teamed up with a crowdsourcing platform for inventors to find the next great toys. More
1:29pm: PepsiCo dominates in the brewing fight over bottled teas. More
12:56pm: GW Pharmaceuticals is a biotech developing a cannabis-based drug to treat epilepsy. It looks legit ... unlike the scores of speculative penny pot stocks out there. More
12:39pm: It sounded like Chris Roberts, a cybersecurity professional from Denver, was about to use his laptop to force the plane to deploy the emergency oxygen masks. More
12:25pm: Markets are starting to freak out again over Greece as the government runs out of time to unlock the funds it needs to avoid default and stay in the euro. More
12:22pm: 2015 aluminum F-150 gets 5-star rating from government crash tests, up from four stars for earlier steel model. More
11:18am: Apple's software business could be the 'secret sauce' that carries the iPhone maker to even more records. More
11:02am: Ugly day on Wall Street as Dow tumbles 279 points. More
11:00am: The investment, announced Friday in a blog post by Vessel CEO Jason Kilar, comes a few weeks after the service opened to the public. More
10:49am: American Express is the worst stock in the Dow this year. The company is being hurt by the strong dollar, and investors are worried about it losing key partners. But Warren Buffett is still a fan. More
10:30am: A survey found that households are spending too much on dining out and entertainment, which is keeping them from saving less than they should. More
10:05am: Instagram has clarified its nudity policy, including when exactly nipples can be shown. More
9:42am: A survey of McDonald's franchise owners shows they are not happy with the company's turnaround plan. More
9:23am: Losing your job comes with an extra sting if you live in Belarus. More
8:38am: Verizon FIOS to start offering 'Custom TV' service that lets customers pick packages of similar network offerings, a step towards a la carte service More
8:17am: iRobot is developing a robotic lawnmower that could interfere with telescope signals, astronomers say. More
7:28am: Using cameras that watch the driver, as well as the road, researchers are developing technology that can predict dangerous driving errors. More
7:18am: Ashlynne Haycock, an orphan of military parents, has helped more than 600 families pay for college and deal with debt in the past year working a nonprofit called Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, or TAPS. More
5:51am: Thousands of Bloomberg screens went offline in banks around the world Friday leaving many traders without access to market data, news and dealing systems. More
5:50am: Morgan Stanley says now is the time to buy energy stocks. Offshore drilling giant Transocean soared 13% this week. More
5:34am: Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. More
1:46am: A passport from a country on good diplomatic terms with its peers is a powerful tool, allowing holders to travel across borders with ease. More
12:37am: IBM has sent a letter to the governor of Louisiana warning that a pending religious freedom bill would create a hostile environment for the tech company's employees. More