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Week at a glance: All stories

10:19pm: Audra Anderson is a surrogate mother who has carried two children for a gay couple from China. More
9:55pm: China stocks opened sharply lower on Tuesday, extending a selloff that has unnerved investors around the globe. More
6:59pm: Ferguson residents have one less thing to worry about: Thanks to a new court order, they will no longer face time behind bars if they can't afford tickets for minor offenses. More
5:58pm: The selling on Wall Street was so dramatic Monday that it triggered unprecedented emergency freezes on stocks. More
5:57pm: AMC's zombie companion series, "Fear The Walking Dead," brings in 10.1 million viewers. More
5:37pm: Markets have been wildly volatile Monday. For clues about where investors' minds are at, here's a breakdown of the ten most heavily-traded stocks of the day. More
5:33pm: Security expert Troy Hunt explains why you should ignore blackmailers, consider using a new email address and stay away from suspicious links. More
5:31pm: The stock market sold off Monday, but some traders were hunting for bargains. More
5:01pm: Toronto Police are investigating two suicides they say may be linked to the massive Ashley Madison hack. More
4:10pm: Cox Media's Rare Magazine is looking for a reporter like the infamous journalist from Netflix's "House of Cards." More
3:59pm: While visiting the U.S., Pope Francis will ride a specially modified Jeep Wrangler SUV. More
2:36pm: Customers at TDAmeritrade and Scottrade reported having trouble logging into their accounts. More
1:50pm: Chipotle wants to bring on 4,000 new staff members in a single day next month. More
1:40pm: If you have money in the stock market, relax. People who stay calm make money. More
1:37pm: With oil prices plunging, gas should fall to $2 a gallon at most stations this fall. More
1:34pm: Denver City Council wants to know whether Chick-fil-A will respect gay marriage. More
1:06pm: After a September rate hike looked nearly certain earlier this summer, August's market plunge has greatly lowered the odds. More
1:02pm: Investors pulled nearly one trillion dollars out of the 19 biggest emerging markets in the last 13 months, double the amount that fled during the global financial crisis. More
1:02pm: "Empire," the breakout Fox hit, will be official sponsored by Pepsi and Lincoln this season. More
1:01pm: Vanguard's website was briefly down for those who went online to check on their portfolios Monday morning, when the stock market took an epic 1,000-point dive. More
11:25am: Apple is helping to upgrade broadband access in public schools. CEO Tim Cook says diversity is the key to a strong corporate America. More
11:02am: Stephen Colbert debuts his new "Late Show" on September 8. Here's who his first guests will be. More
10:51am: It's an ugly day for stocks, but it's hardly the worst day ever. More
9:56am: Apple shares go on wild ride after CEO says it continues to enjoy growth in China. More
9:43am: America's stock market is getting rocked as fears about China's economic turbulence mount. More
9:27am: A plunge in stocks has investors scared, but the economy today is much better than it was during the 2008 meltdown. More
8:11am: Former 'Daily Show' host, Jon Stewart, came out of retirement to host WWE's "SummerSlam" on Sunday night. More
7:12am: The world still has too much oil. That's why oil prices broke just below $39 a barrel. More
6:44am: Ashley Madison hackers have released documents on millions of users. The company is now in full damage control mode. Here's what you need to know in 2 minutes. More
6:34am: Donald Trump is promising tariffs to stop Mexican car exports to U.S. But U.S. industry is doing fine without it. More
5:27am: Don't hit the panic button over China's financial turmoil just yet -- Beijing still has a few tricks up its sleeve. More
5:20am: Traders screen around the world are covered in red on Monday. Here are five things you need to know before the opening bell rings in New York. More