BBC festival mixes real, virtual entertainment
Spring brings outdoor music festivals, and the blogosphere is buzzing about the BBC's new spin on the form. This weekend the Beeb's Radio 1 will host its One Big Weekend event simultaneously in Dundee, Scotland and online within the virtual world of Second Life, a massively multi-player role playing game. Kotaku reports that virtual festivalgoers will be able to listen to the concert through a virtual radio and watch the simulcast of the live event on virtual Jumbotrons. Even better, "...the real-life festival Jumbotrons may well broadcast screenshots of the virtual festival." While this weekend's concert is free, the virtual concert model would seem to have great revenue potential for promoters, as ticket sales are presumably no longer constrained by venue size. One cautionary note to virtual attendees: Holding a lighter in the air while you're sitting at your computer will never be cool.
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