Even fantasy Apple designs are copied

The spate of iPod Nano knockoffs was bad enough. But now Asian manufacturers are taking inspiration from Apple fans' fantasy iPod designs. Meizu, a Chinese electronics maker, has released its credit-card-sized Miniplayer with a 2.4-inch widescreen color display and the same black-or-white color options that the iPod offers.

While the Meizu won't play iTunes Music Store purchases, it handles MP3 and Windows Media audio files and Xvid video files, and claims up to 20 hours of music playback or 6 hours of video playback. Gizmodo dings Meizu for ripping off a lot of Apple design details but praises the Miniplayer for packing "lots of features in a little package."
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I saw this being sold in China, and although design with packages and unit itself is a total ipod rip off, its features are by far way better than the apple ipod. If apple would have had all these features in the first place, then ipod would be king. But Meizu just needs to come up with their own industrial designer and they would do great.
Posted By Pookeye, Cleveland, Ohio : 3:41 AM  

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